E39 series BMW 5

since 1996-2001 of release

Repair and car operation

+ Introduction
- Maintenance instruction
   Governing bodies, devices and control lamps
   Locking devices and anticreeping alarm system
   Salon equipment
   Safety systems
   Fuel filling, start and engine stop
   Parking brake
   Manual box of gear shifting (RKPP)
   Automatic transmission (AT) *
   The alarm system of emergency rapprochement at a parking (PDC) *
   System of automatic stabilization of stability with a regulator of traction effort (ASC+T)
   Electronic adjustment of rigidity of amortization (EDC) * and adjustment of a road gleam
   Heating and ventilation system
   Automatic кондиционер*
   Independent systems of heating and ventilation
   System самодиагностики*
   Traveling computer
   Running in
   Catalytic converter
   Anti-blocking system of brakes (ABS)
   Movement with the trailer
   Luggage carrier on a roof
   Automobile телефон*
   Radio reception
   Readjustment of headlights
   Automobile radio receiver
   Hi-Fi type audiosystem with DSP*
   Sign emergency остановки*
+ Current leaving and service
+ Engine
+ Systems of cooling, heating
+ Power supply system and release
+ engine Electric equipment
+ Manual transmission
+ Automatic transmission
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ electric equipment Schemes
+ System of onboard diagnostics

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препараты дезинсекция


Lay lighting and passing beam

Lay lighting

Passing beam / Xenon фары*
If at included a passing beam to switch off ignition, it is necessary to burn lay lighting.

Xenon фары*

Xenon headlights much better and more evenly shine the road in front of the car, and also its lateral parts in comparison with usual halogen headlights.

In xenon headlights light is created not by an incandescence thread, and a light arch. The mix which was in a quartz flask of inert gases with pairs of metal is shone under the influence of a high voltage. Then on an arising light arch more low voltage moves. At inclusion of light a certain lag effect is appreciable. The maximum brightness is reached approximately in 15 seconds.

Xenon headlights improve visibility under bad weather conditions and difficult road situations, for example at night trips to a rain on the reconstructed road without a marking.

Xenon headlights considerably promote safety of traffic as allow the driver to see easier, for example, pedestrians, motorcyclists and the cyclists moving on the right edge of the carriageway.

The prevention of not switched off lighting

When you turn a key in situation 0, within several seconds the buzzer, reminding that lighting was not switched off sounds.

For cars with the alphanumeric display of system automatic диагностики*: the reminder is deduced on the display.

Light for movement in the afternoon

At desire it is possible to leave the switch of light in the second fixed situation. In this case at switching off of ignition external lighting will go out also.

In some updatings day lighting automatically joins at ignition key turn in situation 2 if light switch thus is in situation 0.

Illumination of devices

Brightness of illumination is regulated by rotation of a corrugated castor.

Adjustment of a tilt angle of headlights

The orientation of a passing beam can be adjusted according to car loading that allows to avoid blinding action of headlights on drivers of counter transport.

Data in brackets belong to movement with the trailer.
0 (1) = 1-2 persons without luggage
1 (1) = 5 people without luggage
1 (2) = 5 people with luggage
2 (2) = 1 person, the luggage carrier of the car is loaded completely
Cars with a regulator road просвета*: situation 0, irrespective of loading.

1 person, a full luggage carrier, movement with the trailer - situation 1.

Observe norms of permissible axial load for the back bridge of the car (address to Specifications).

Light signal / parking fires

1 — a driving beam
2 — a light signal (at inclusion the dark blue control lamp burns)
3 — parking fires

Parking fires at the left or on the right

At ignition key installation in situation 0 transfer the lever of the switch of indexes of turn to demanded situation. It will be fixed in the situation corresponding to inclusion of indexes of turn.

Switch of antifog devices

Antifog фары*
At the included fog lights on an instrument guard the green control lamp burns.

Back foggy фонари*
At the included back foggy lamps on an instrument guard the yellow control lamp burns.

Fog lights and back foggy lamps
Observe the rules regulating using antifog devices of lighting.

Illumination of salon

Management of illumination of salon is carried out automatically.

Manual inclusion and lighting switching off in salon

Press a key (it is shown by an arrow).

If light in salon has to be switched off for a long time, hold a key pressed about 3 seconds.

For cancellation of this mode it is rather simple to press a key.

Lamps of illumination of space for ног*

Their work is similar to work of illumination of salon.

Lamps of individual lighting

The lamps of individual lighting located in front, near a plafond of illumination of salon, and also in a zone of back seats *, can join and be switched off by the keys placed about the corresponding lamps, after ignition key turn in situation 1.

In order to avoid an accumulator discharge approximately in 15 minutes after ignition key turn in situation 0 all devices of lighting in salon will be disconnected.